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  1. all right, open up the camera on your phone and point it at the qr code at the bottom of your screen, okay buy stromectol usa The neutralizing agent should be available if applicable prior to beginning the peel in case early termination of the peel is necessary Keep normal saline readily available in case a peel makes contact with the eyes and the eyes need to be flushed Feather the edges of medium and deep peels with a lower concentration peel especially in dark skinned patients to prevent demarcation lines Post peel precautions 15 Cold water compresses and gentle moisturizers or petroleum jelly can be used in the immediate post peel period to help minimize discomfort A mild soap for cleansing can be started the same day following the peel For any crusting, an antibacterial ointment should be used to prevent infection Strict photoprotection should be recommended Avoid glycolic acid or retinoid products until desquamation has subsided Counsel patients on recognizing and reporting complications such as pustules, blisters, persistent redness, crusting or oozing so that appropriate action can be taken Glycolic acid peels 16 18 Uses fine wrinkles, melasma, dyspigmentation Ranges from very superficial to superficial peel depending on concentration 30 70 Consider test spot in very dark skin

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